China Tianying Signed Waste Classification Contract for Beijing Badaling Great Wall Scenic Area

On October 29th 2020, the signing ceremony of Beijing Badaling Great Wall Scenic Area Waste Classification Project Cooperation Memorandum was held at the foot of the Badaling Great Wall. ZHANG Lixin, Deputy Chairman of the CPPCC of Yanqing District Beijing, WANG Tielin, Party Secretary/Director of Badaling Special District Representative Office, CAO Debiao, Party Secretary/CEO of China Tianying Inc., attended the ceremony. Mr. WANG and Mr. CAO signed the Memorandum as representatives from the two parties.


China Tianying and the Special District Representative Office signed a 10-year cooperation contract back in April, and the accuracy of waste classification by tourists inside the scenic area has since increased from 20% to 80%, winning praises and acknowledgements from the local government. After signing this Memorandum, the two parties will deepen cooperation in AI application, automatic environmental cleaning, smart cleaning robot as well as smart waste classification, so as to create a zero-waste scenic zone.

Waste classification has become the latest fashion. China Tianying is committed to applying transparent classification, on-site compacting and smart cleaning in the scenic area to reduce the burden imposed by waste, ushering in a new age of waste classification into the Chinese tourism industry.